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THREE PROJECTS are available to be viewed on videos on Ytube.

1,  RE:LOCATION PROJECT  information   [ Also on Art Clique ]

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This project is based on relocation, initially around the story of my own ancestors emigrating to Australia in the 18oo’s but also investigating the affects of human movement on the psyche of past and present inhabitants of our land.

We all come from somewhere, and perhaps we will stay in one place for a long time, or relocate as some have, to a new country, eventually losing touch with ancestors and cultural history. My life in Australia is due to the many risks and losses my ancestors faced and this prompted an art project beginning with an overseas component in May 2015 when I visited my ancestral lands in Ireland, Scotland and England.

I placed little Art Pods treasures in ten locations in the lands of my ancestors in Northern Ireland,  Scotland and Ireland. Please find information on the premise behind this project and pod placements, with GPS co-ordinates, on the dedicated pages on this BLOG. Keep an eye out for the artworks for the travelling exhibitions expected to be exhibited during  2017 and 2018.

A book and video component for the exhibition will eventually also be available on Art Clique

Art Pods designed to be found in Ireland , Scotland and England

Art Pods to be found in Ireland , Scotland and England

2. BLACKALL – FLYING ART Inc – Artist in Residence 2015

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I certainly was an honour to be chosen from a field of twenty-five contenders for this two week artist residency in Blackall in outback Queensland in October during the Heartland Festival. The residency brief involved a week of arts practice and a week of community engagement with workshops, artist talks, and judging of their annual Heartland Art Award.

This was a great opportunity for me to work on digital imagery for the RE:Location project for later fine art processing in my studio, photographing the environment, and writing chapters for my new book, in readiness for the first exhibition. So much happens during the Blackall Heartland Festival in this creative outback town that the time here has been hectic and flown by faster than I imagined it would.  READ MORE

3.  HIDDEN DIMENSIONS – Travelling Exhibition 2011 -2013

The Hidden Dimensions exhibition, which then toured six Queensland Regional Galleries from 2011- 2013, exhibited artworks from all my books and became an exciting journey of greetings and discovery.


Toowoomba Regional Gallery October 11th – November 6th 2011
Stanthorpe Art Gallery June 28th – August 5th 2012
Gympie Regional Gallery August 14th- September 8th 2012  – VIEW THE VIDEO
Noosa Regional Gallery February 27th – April7th 2013
Atherton Tablelands Regional Gallery May 7th – June 2nd 2013 – VIEW THE VIDEO
Harvey Bay Regional gallery September 17th – November 3rd 2013