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Artist and Author on Creative Processes
Acril painting Veiled Horizons by Lyne Marshall

                    Veiled Horizons 122 x 122 cm acrylic on canvas AVAILABLE

Australian contemporary artist, Lyne Marshall, is an adventurer and traveler and in the expandable menus across the top of this webpage there is a wealth of information and images on her PAINTINGS, ART PROJECTS, inspiring Creative Process ART BOOKS, WORKSHOPS, and her long term art career. To see a full catalogue of Lyne’s artworks, projects and books visit the drop down menus across the top of her sister website ART CLIQUE

Lyne is inspired by remote landscapes and while experimental painting is her main focus she also produces original digitally mastered conceptual artworks and is a sculptor, and author of four books on the creative process.   Lyne’s Studio and Art Gallery on her garden acre at Ningi Qld is open by appointment.

Phone M 0418 876 230 to book a viewing.