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New workshops will utelise the new garden setting at Ningi, in Qld

While initially designed for individual artists, writers and teachers and given by a practicing artist and author, Lyne Marshall workshops are for all who are looking for answers to living a happy successful life. Creative Direction courses help you find true purpose, grow in the your creative sphere and give new meaning to your business and personal relationships.  Groups and also those is the wider business sphere are welcome to initiate workshops. Contact Lyne on M 0418 876 230


1. The Inner Artist and Finding Creative Direction

2. Pathways to  Creative Success  

Based on Lyne’s books… the struggle, the invisible layers and the creative spiral…these are workshop seminars you shouldn’t miss if you want to move outside your current boundaries and understand the creative process at a deeper level. These two day workshop adventures into finding true direction and preparing for success are journeys of discovery. They involve lots of note taking and interesting exercises. It’s not about being taught any type of art technique, or creating artworks, but rather how to take all you already have and make it into something that is uniquely yours, your own creative voice. It may be that you are yet to find true direction, or hesitating and tired of just going round and round in circles. Sometimes the obvious is hard to see if you are looking through a clouded window to the world.

Lyne received this inspiring testimonial 6 weeks after a Rotorua workshop in February 2012, ‘the course I attended in Rotorua with you was probably one of the best things that I have done for myself at this stage in my life, I was so ready for it and as time goes by I realize just how much I got from the lessons that you gave. My inspiration is ‘hot’ and I’ve been painting again after a block of 2 years. I still have a long way to go but the pathway I chose makes me believe that I’m at the very beginning of my journey and that I have a lot of very colorful surprises to come. Thank you, you have been an inspiration.’

Lyne believes all transformation occurs unconsciously and it often happens at a later time than expected. If you think you might like to sample one of her workshops please use the blog contact page or the email above.

You can read more TESTIMONIES on the workshops and books.



Have you ever wanted to understand the creative process at a deeper level? In early 2000, after encountering two artists, one living in British Columbia, the other in Shanghai, Lyne was on a mission. She wanted the intellectual understanding and spirituality she experienced in their philosophy and art work  to flow into her paintings and writing. Years of research lead her to write three books, Gleaner or Gladiator : The Struggle to Create and Invisible Realities : Finding the Hidden Dimensions in Art  and Harnessing the Power of the CREATIVE SPIRAL

This workshop covers a lot of material and presents a framework on which you can hang your own realisations and discoveries to explore at a later stage. If true change occurs at an unconscious level then this workshop will help instigate that transformation, which over time, will result in clearer direction and an understanding of who you are, why you create and for whom. Subjects such as increasing focus and developing self worth are all part of this workshop and participants may also put forward areas they would like to see covered before the workshop preferably at the time of booking.


This workshop looks deeper into who we are and why we face blocks to our hopes and dreams. Based on the premise we are all looking for a fulfilling and happy life, Lyne looks at breaking unwanted habits, building steps to success and putting colour back into your life. We see the world differently when we understand creativity and when we remove self imposed restrictions our life changes in wonderful ways.

COSTS:  These two day workshops are held in Lyne’s studio or your venue and are for all levels and genres of creativity. A Booking Fee is required to ensure a date and is part payment on the full fee. There is an early bird price if you choose to pay the full amount a month in advance.

Lyne Marshall’s  book Harnessing the Power of the CREATIVE SPIRAL, is available and some of this will be incorporated into these workshops. Not a lot of materials are required, [ the list is supplied on booking.] you can travel relatively light to this event.. Accommodation in the local area is available. You are welcome to contact her personally with any questions on M 0418 876 230


Add a creative component to your workshop or schedule an independent workshop at your chosen venue. Your agenda is foremost – be it creative thinking, imaginative ability, resourceful team building or simply a fun event. All art materials can be supplied. Lyne is a practising artist, trained art and life coach and the author of four books on art direction and the creative mind.

Lyne Marshall holds  the following qualifications,

* B.A in Fine Arts USQ 1995
* Grad Diploma in Further Ed USQ 2002
* Certificate 4 in Further Ed USQ 2002

* Masters in Life Coaching C H Companies 2010

Workshop Prices, Booking Forms, Schedules e-mailed on request. Email lyne or Phone 0418 876 230 to discuss your requirements and receive an obligation free quote. Short Pdf’s on the books and examples of Lyne’s art is on ArtClique – art books are below

Previous Workshops Artsouthwa hosted the workshop Creative Direction and the Inner Artist on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of November 2014 at Vancouver Arts Centre at Albany during a road trip to Western Australia.

If you know of a group who may be interested in either a free presentation or a paid workshop please contact Lyne at for an Overview.