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Lyne Marshall Paintings

A selection of my acrylic Paintings for SALE

‘I approach the blank canvas with ideas for a series of works based on a recent experience and while these thoughts are conceptually based, the physical act of painting takes over so that I am working in a state of pure creativity. This experimental way of working with acrylics sees me at times working on the floor or moving between the floor and a large drafting board that serves as my easel. I can have up to eight layers in a canvas that will get worked on until it tells me it is finished’.

The works here are all available for sale and range from 40 x 40 cm up to 122 x 122 cm. I am a mid career artist and my prices reflect the quality of my years of arts practice.

You are welcome without obligation to inquire on an artwork – M 0418 876 230  [ +61 ]

Below: Floating Forest 122 x 122cm acrylic on canvas painting


RECENTLY SOLD   These artworks are no longer available