Feeding the Eternal Soul

It’s getting darker now. The sun, casting a chartreuse green hue over the water, illuminates the partly submerged logs that offer a haven for assorted wildlife. As night falls the black cockatoos with their noisy chatter, add to the mood that has grown in dimensions over the few days we camped beside Tooloom Creek.

Tooloom Creek

Tooloom Creek

It has been a hectic three months getting my new book to press. With no Internet or phone, this time has been an opportunity for deep reflection, as deep and wide as the water stretched before us. Many have related that watching water, be it the sea, a river or a creek, cleans out the mind and enriches the soul.

Beside walking down to the falls, and exploring the causeway I spent most of my time reading and contemplating new artworks, while my partner went on numerous excursions down the creek in the inflatable boat. I don’t come easy to relaxing during the day. At home I usually fill my time with many active pursuits.


However nature has many lessons to teach us; the first being that we have an eternal self, a part of us that needs to be regularly replenished. The practical side, of many of us, wants to live a full life and fill every moment with ‘doing ‘.

River spirit

Spirit of the River

Small Kingfisher

Small Kingfisher having lunch

I learnt over those few days beside the water that there are some things we can’t change, and moments of solitude allow us to reflect and transform. Unfortunately there is a dark side to life, and when sad things happen, as well as inspiring creativity, a venture into nature can heal the heart.

Some of the log visitors are pictured below.


Water dragon

Water Dragon taking a rest

Tortoise sunning.

Tortoise sunning.

The Third Quality of Creativity: Commitment

What  is talent and passion without commitment. Having a passion for anything requires some soul searching. For what purpose?  Why this? Making a commitment means finding the answers to all the questions that constantly arise, to constantly fill the mind with what you want to do. It involves learning something new every day, relating to the expressive, emotive or creative side. Cultivating an attitude of curiosity, and excitement is to push the envelope and break all the boundaries that would hold one back. Commitment then is about taking action and continuing to do whatever it takes to reach a goal.

Acrylic painting by Lyne Marshall

Battered but Still Floating 91 x101cm

Action, Attention, Activity and Attitude

Growing up on an island was amazing but it has finally caught up with me but no use crying over spilt sunscreen. Recovering from facial surgey for a skin cancer is not exactly an uplifting experience  and it keeps me from the studio, as spashing all that paint about is not good at the moment. I am having the best time though researching for my workshops. The four big A’s.. Action, Attention, Activity and Attitude give us all enormous power but its all down to choice. Grow and expand or stifle the life force and stagnate and die…I know what I am going to do. Enjoy life while I can.  Here one of my newest paintings  finished prior to surgery.

New painting for Art Sydney

River of Life 2, Acrylic on canvas 81 x 112cm