Having a Creative Mindset

Don’t feel you have a creative bone in your body? Even full time artists have their moments. Don’t paint yourself into a corner just paint yourself into a creative mindset. Creativity is a big part of everyday life. It’s just different for many situations. You may have this revelation planning a dinner party to impress someone important. A rather large creative leap could be needed to get the results you want.

What does it take to move the creativity of producing an artwork into a business workplace situation for instance? You do not need to be an artist to know we are all inherently creative. Imagine having the artist’s ability to think squarely on the feet as an abstracted painting emerges from a blank canvas. It is like nothing else you will try in your lifetime and very rewarding. Its the same process we use in all problem solving and involves mastering techniques and rules to the point that a higher level of functioning allows you to safely and creatively change them to suit the purpose.

Although an art studio can be chaotic, it is the creative achievements that make it the best job in the world however being a full time artist is not an easy choice. Getting to the top of any profession requires persistence and dedication and having faith in yourself and the creative process. The similarities of the art studio with many other jobs are closer than most people think. Superior art must come from a higher level of consciousness where the answers are unknown until they arrive and delight. It is a way of thinking, feeling and doing that is available to most who seek it.

Imagination and curiosity play a large part in a creative successful outcome and a good way to bring this into your work is to bring back the simplistic way you thought as a small child. I do wonder what would happen if you took the artist brain into the office and problem solved the same way you might paint. It may open up new pathways to success however you would need a good relationship with your client to explain why you are both covered in paint.

You can read past posts on the Twelve Qualities of Creativity on this blog and also access two books on creativity and the artistic mind on the links above or on ArtClique Below is a painting that came out of a visit to Atlin in British Columbia in 2009. It will be exhibited in the Hidden Dimensions exhibition in The Atrium Gallery at Toowoomba Regional Gallery from 11th October – 6th September 2011. If you are in town come to a Meet the Artist event planned for 1pm – 3pm on Saturday 15th October. The gallery will be open from 10am and the books are available now in the Gallery Shop.. and at Murray’s Art and Framing in Toowoomba.

Into the Wilderness acrylic on canvas

Into the Wilderness 122 x122cm acrylic on canvas

Truth in Art

I was reading about Bob Dylan yesterday, in a summary of his music career written by Scott Marshall, in a little book titled Spiritual Journeys –How faith has influenced twelve music icons. I realised it was his birthday. Bob Dylan turned  70 years old on the 24th May. What has always been influential for me, besides Dylan’s amazing song writing and music, is his conviction to what he sees as his truth. He has never shied away from his own beliefs which are boldly written in his songs.

Music has always been high on my list of things that inspire and watching Buffy Sainte- Maree, another 70 year old performer on stage at the Byron Blues Fest, had a huge impact. There were quite a few musicians over 60 yrs of age. These performers had strong convictions and a lifetime’s work to draw on.

Creative people who have strong traits such as a love of freedom, mystery, empathy  and beauty, be it subtle or shouted about, and who combine these with endurance, courage, ingenuity and self trust are always  genuine in their pursuit for the real thing. Not satisfied with the mundane they do what it takes to achieve their goals honestly.

Getting to the truths of any art form has never been easy, and Bob Dylan has many critics, yet he remains an icon. Age should not be a deterrent, nor criticism, nor lack of support. These can become poor excuses for not creating what is in the heart. Fear can stop the greatest idea as can our concerns for what others might say.  Being aware of this is the first step, from then on it can only be upwards.

The painting below is of  a view from my older art studio. It was not a conscious image that I painted  as the tree appeared unexpectantly. I realised it was the tree that had grown from a  sapling by the nearby dam during the drought. It was a real survivor.  This painting is currently on show at Moreton Art Awards at Pine Rivers Art Gallery and Community Centre until the 29th May

View from the art studio - abstract modern art painting

View from the Studio Door 122 x 122 cm 2010

Geotour with the Rock Doctor : John Jackson

Amazing Rocks

Seeking out amazing landscapes is one of my inspirational joys. A day out with the Rock Doctor, John Jackson, gave me an insight into our geological history and a look at some of the amazing places that are so close to home. I didnt need to go to Ireland, although that is on my wish list, only to the north coast beaches of  New South Wales,  to see these basalt columns that occurred long ago from ancient lava flows. There is something about being in the midst of forces of nature, that no artist could possibly replicate, that challenges our humanity and leaves such lasting impressions.