Raw Talent, what is it?

The first quality of creativity I believe is raw talent and it seems to be either gifted or its not. While I acknowledge everyone is special in their own way, and we all have gifts, it seems that recognising just where the talent lies is the answer. Many talented people have fallen by the wayside from lack of motivation, but those who really know where their passions lie seem to be very determined and persistence. Is true talent, if it then exists, an aspect of knowing that which can’t be taught? It is what the ancient Chinese philosophers pondered. They came to acknowledge this as the sensitive, intuitive, heart of creative mankind. I believe it is that part of us that manages to find all the answers at just the right time. I look forward to hearing others comments on this topic. Below is my painting  from 2009, Pools of Light.

Lyne Marshall contemporary landscape painting.

The Twelve Qualities of Creativity

Part of my early research which lead to my first book, was looking at what happened in the artist’s studio. I have come a long way since those days but I remember my frustration at the blocks. Why did the work pour out somedays and others it was just like reinventing the wheel? I have found that artists are just like musicians, so when things are not working it is just the rehearsal for the ‘real’ work. Over the next week I am going to discuss the Twelve Qualities of a Creative Artist, starting tomorrow with the first  quality – Raw Talent. Please add your own comments

River of Life 1, 81 x 101 cm

River of Life 1 from the 2010 Spirit of Trees series.

Workshop in November

Just a reminder for those interested. I have been asked by Sculptors Qld to give a two day workshop on 27th and 28th November in Brisbane. Day one is ‘ Finding your inner voice through the creative process and exploring personal style and direction’. Day two : ‘ Tapping your inner wealth and personal creative explorations through abstraction’. I also address professional practice issues as required. Places are still available and you will find more information on prices on http://www.artclique.com.au.

Books for inspiration…

Here I am again thinking of  writing a new book and I am just recovering from publishing Invisible Realities: The Hidden Dimensions in Art back in January.  Seeing as this book below took me three years to write after my first one, I am suprizing even myself. This new, yet unwritten book, will be overtly Christian. Why would I want to do that I hear you ask? It isnt considered to be kosher to mix art with Christianity.

I found amazing inspiration from New York based artist Makoto Fujimura. I have his book Refractions which is an interesting, from the heart, read. He makes no bones about his Christian faith, and it hasnt hindered his amazing success. There are lots of utube videos on him. His paintings are very spiritual and I just love them. It is his use of materials that make his work so amazing. I would have liked the images of his work to have been more prominent in his book, but so pleased to have it. I found it available on Amazon. My books by the way can be found on the ArtClique link on this blog page.

Geotour with the Rock Doctor : John Jackson

Amazing Rocks

Seeking out amazing landscapes is one of my inspirational joys. A day out with the Rock Doctor, John Jackson, gave me an insight into our geological history and a look at some of the amazing places that are so close to home. I didnt need to go to Ireland, although that is on my wish list, only to the north coast beaches of  New South Wales,  to see these basalt columns that occurred long ago from ancient lava flows. There is something about being in the midst of forces of nature, that no artist could possibly replicate, that challenges our humanity and leaves such lasting impressions.