Finding the right combination

It was years ago now but I remember a time when I was so frustrated with my painting I would storm around and around the outside my studio, which was a big shed back then, releasing my anguish and praying for peace. I had over-painted everything I had created for three months, a bit scary when you have a deadline looming.

Why was it such a traumatic time? I wanted breakthrough. It felt like I was doing the same thing over and over. I had a recalcitrant mindset left over from my university years that I should be doing something cutting edge, and of course it never happened.

Firstly I had to realise that wasn’t me anyway. If the old adage I heard in university was true, that easel art was dead, then I would need to give up painting. I had to find who I was or go down a different road. I did break through to new work at that time, and in retrospect it was acknowledging what was in my heart that made the difference, and experimenting til it really spoke to me.

Finding focus and flow became my mantra and it still is. There are always times of struggle and this relates to life itself I have found.  You paint who you are, and how you are feeling goes directly onto the canvas.  During a recent illness I slowed down and lost direction, along with the colour in my work. I am now back on track, mainly because I  have  learned to accept that the body will slow me down if chose to keep hammering it when there is obviously something wrong.  But also I know that breakthrough follows struggle of some sort, and  change that happens without this push is not going to be worthwhile.

Finding the right combination and unlocking creativity comes from searching for answers but also wanting each work to surpass the last in some way. Its about self education and growth. My combination for  G.R.O.W.T.H  = Gratitude for what we have.. Resilience to keep at it..Obligation to commitments and deadlines.. Welcoming change.. Thinking positively and Holding on to joy and happiness.

If you want to put the heart in your art please visit  my page on coming workshops.

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