Blackall artist-in-residence 2015 – Part One

Tallegalla to Dargonelly Rock Pool Campsite at Carnarvon NP

October 2015  We travelled to Blackall, Western Queensland, to begin my artist in residence with Flying Arts and the Blackall Cultural Association. The journey from home offered the most spectacular dramatic skies. There is always some reservations about deciding to break the journey to camp in difficult areas, Mt Moffat being one that cannot allow any sign of rain to mar the escape route out.

It’s a tough drive pulling a caravan in to Dargonelly Rock Pool campsite which sits in the forest offering a short refuge from the rest of the world. With no phone or internet to break the silence you soon connect with nature, the chattering parrots and a lone male emu with his brood of chicks.

With only a few campers present there is much to see with walks to take to amazing natural sites and indigenous art sites in protected areas. Sitting around the camp site, alone now on the last day, the steadily increasing wind threatened to send us inside the caravan but we persevered, listening as the rustling trees lulled us into in to a deep sense of relaxation. With the warm breeze on our skin it felt good to be alive.

Here are some photos taken of the camp site before we continued on.


Camp Site Dargonelly Rockpool Mt Moffatt Carnarvon NP Qld

Dargonelly Rock Pool at Mt Moffat Carnarvon NP Qld

Dargonelly Rock Pool at Mt Moffat Carnarvon NP Qld