Bypassing the brain

The more we search, the faster the answers arrive, sometime unexpectedly.

I always browse the bookshop shelves although I have more than enough to read at home. It seems I just can’t help myself.  There are worst addictions I feel. When I picked up Proof of Heaven by Dr Eben Alexander I couldn’t put it down, so I had to buy it. I read it in two days and then made my usual summary page, before my husband devoured it just as quickly. I have family waiting in line to read this book. What is it that had such an impact?

It was a combination of several things. Firstly it gave another layer to a topic I address in my workshops on super conscious thinking…then, despite all I understood about creativity, it took pressure off my painting not currently falling into flow… now that’s a bonus.

Eben Alexander came to his conclusions from a near death experience and this might cause some to doubt his deductions, but as a neurosurgeon with a scientific background, he had an immense turn around in his thinking. His story meshes together with some surprising outcomes.

I feel it offers hope, to those that have a religious bent, but more so to those that don’t. The bottom line was a message of love and we can all do with more of that. The author confirmed for me that this life is a journey, and we remain more powerful than all the troubles we may face here on earth. Whatever you will make of this book, for me it was an exciting read and offered fuel for the quest to find true purpose in life.

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