Being creative with a media release

I can still find it a challenge to write a media statement especially a personal one I want to have published relating to an exhibition. I discovered a long time ago that if you write an interesting informative article, and offer to be available for, or can supply a photograph, your words will often get published in whole. Journalists are busy people so if you make their job easier, all the better. It does need to be written well and not be ambiguous, so have a trusted friend or two check the article.

For a media release I like to use the Who, What, How and What IF formula I began to use a while back. WHO – is the article focused on and WHO is it trying to reach?. WHAT important message it is conveying? This can include statistics but add a sense of mystery ‘ it comes as no surprise to find there is a hidden layer within her work’ and be a little poetic, such as.. a recent collector said ‘ there is a richness, a diversity, a vibrant strength at the core of this work ’ WHAT can include other important things related to the person or event. Make it enjoyable to read so they will want to be involved.

HOW can the reader go to this event is next in the article , and what other important alternatives are there that they might find interesting. WHAT IF is for the alternatives, if they can’t make the opening event for instance,  and want to see more online. Don’t forget to finish with times, dates , addresses and telephone contact. Make sure to add your address and phone number at the very top in case a journalist wants to contact you. If you include a photograph please make sure it is a good clear image, at resolution which could to be used for different effects.

Meanwhile,if you happen to be in the Ipswich Region in Queensland in the next month, [ this is not part of my  media release blog story by the way, just some relevant information ] I have a diverse selection of my artwork and books being featured in an interestingly  unique gallery space in the old East Street church and antique precinct until the 26th February. Along with paintings will be some of my photographic works that have been developed through a hands-on artist lift process. The gallery name  ‘Naked Arts’ stands for art at the core I am told.. sorry, in case you are wondering, the focus is my wilderness landscape paintings.

The exhibition will run from 21st Jan – 26th February and you can enjoy refreshments and have a book signed at the gallery on Saturday 28th January. Naked Arts Gallery and Studio is located at 86 East Street, Ipswich and open 10am to 4pm. [Closed Tuesday and Wednesday ] Contact Tom on 0418 150 705. See the  Video of us hanging the show.

The images below are examples of the digital, artist hand lift limited edition prints which are in the Ipswich exhibition.  All articles and images on this website Copyright Lyne Marshall 2012

Ghost Gums

Ghost Gums, digital hand lift


Limited Edition Artist lift Print

Hooked on You