Finding the Unexpected in Change.

Have you cleaned out a cupboard recently? What an amazing group of resources you might find, just like I did when I moved my office downstairs recently. It is interesting when something nags at us yet we resist. About 15yrs years ago I converted the spare bedroom upstairs into my office. It was always looked a mess as it was too small and I collect lots of information and resources. I have just discovered some of these again.

My new art studio downstairs seemed to be the logical place to work and it was always in my original plans, yet it seemed so convenient to keep the office where it was. A rather large part of me was concerned that the feeling in my art studio would change if I altered the workspace and used it for another reason than creating. I had read that there should be  different places for different jobs.

I succumbed just before the floods and it was a lot of work. Then suddenly I had a group of unexpected visitors needing our support. The new bedroom was not only brilliant but had conveniently caused an unplanned spring clean just in time. Now that everyone has gone back to their homes this room looks just great. I poke my head in there and sigh and wonder why it took me a year to do this move.

What is it about change we fear so much? Sometimes just getting on with things is the logical answer, yet I had to seek reassurance from a few friends that all will be ok. So take my advice and listen to that inner voice when it tells you what you need to do. Don’t doubt it like I did in this instance. It is the voice of your soul speaking to you and we find when we trust it, it has our best interests at heart and does know what is best for us.

By the way I have a weekend workshop planned here in my studio for the 16th and 17th of April. Information is available by contacting me on lyne  [ a break in this link intentional to avoid spam] Below a couple of paintings from my Underpinning Ipswich series from 2010.

From the Underpinning Ipswich series

Lyne Marshall - Cooling Ponds 30 x 30 x 8cm

Lyne Marshall- Remnant Pools 30 x30 x 8cm

The Twelfth Quality of Creativity – Confidence

Although the creative process can follow a similar trail each time you work, it still can leave you wanting a better outcome. Why is this so?  When inspiration fails, when it seems a little dark outside, know that change is coming. I have often wondered why the creative flow can seem so inaccessible at times. I recall being told to find a word or phrase to fall back on when things are not going well. The right word or statement can have amazing powers to lift the spirits.

Without confidence we do nothing.  We flounder like a fish out of water.  I am told that in the recent floods there have been a few fish washing up in unexpected places. It doesn’t take a crisis however to lack confidence. Creativity is like the ebb and flow of the sea. The main thing is to never give up during these dark nights of the soul. The tide turns and confidence returns. Just think if you had given up and just around the corner was an amazing opening. Of course without confidence we may turn away from opportunity.

While making mistakes is a normal part of creativity, watching children painting and drawing is a real treat. They never hold back or doubt their abilities. Plenty of confidence leaps about as they jump in. I have the fruits of my grandchildren’s labour hanging up in my studio. I find the little art works on the wall after they visit. I enjoy the different moods and forms of expression in the work.

This, of course, is the secret, to be just like the children when we create, forget the end result and enjoy the journey. Confidence just has a way of coming back to lift the spirits. For those who would like to work through, amongst many other topics, the Twelve Qualities of Creativity, I plan a weekend workshop in my studio at Tallegalla in early April. You can contact me on lyne to access more information.  [The e-mail link has a deliberate break to avoid spam]  The workshop dates and prices will  be online very soon on

Below is a more recent painting from November that was inspired by the early release of water from the Wivenhoe Dam after considerable rainfall…Can you see the bird in Bird’s Eye View ?  The amount of water spilling over in this painting wasminiscule compared to what was to follow in real life  in the coming months.

Bird’s Eye View 122 x 122 cm acrylic on canvas

The Eleventh Quality of Creativity – Gratitude

Happy New Year …
Did you know gratitude can cure illness?  The long term Christian practice of grace at meal times has added advantages it seems. Try asking for the food you are about to eat to give the benefits of good health and healing and then keep the faith, for this positive outlook will work. There has been a great deal of scientific research to prove that positive thought can change the properties of water, food  and more importantly, our lives.  Masaru Emoto, a renowned Japanese academic and researcher, has written several books on the wonders of water. Another interesting researcher on positivity  is Graeme Sait who spoke at the recent Woodford Folk Festival. His web site is

So how does gratitude affect the output of a creative artist? It is easy to forget achievements in the face of adversity and therefore wallow in self pity. I occasionally read articles that debate the poor income of artists, even those highly acclaimed. Income, just to survive, is often not derived from the arts. So if you are one of the passionate artists who have a day job to support you, be eternally grateful. While I spent a small lifetime supporting my art as a Registered Nurse, I was not always grateful for the wisdom of having such a reliable income. Instead I secretly wanted to run away to my studio and live the life of a full time artist. Eventually, at the right time, I did.

We do get what we dwell on, and gratitude removes the focus on poor results and places it squarely on achievement. If you decide to have all you require to live a good life you will find the money is always there to buy what you need or desire. My own dream, or rather goal, of having a purpose built studio, and a small Japanese inspired garden, to work in full time, has been fulfilled. Still I need to remind myself to be grateful when things don’t go as I plan. I know I can’t be all things to all people and to continue along my own path is essential.

Getting back to water, my own fascination to explore water in my artwork goes back to having grown up on island. Water can have a destructive element and my heart goes out to those affected by the current floods in Queensland. The rain is coming down again outside my window as I write.  My only flood issue is the causeway on our creek that rises very quickly to stop us getting out. So I am grateful that my inconveniences are small and for the volunteers and services that are helping those in need at this time.

Below is a picture of the causeway on Woolshed Ck Road and the force of swollen Plain Creek that kept me from my bed on the evening of Boxing Day. Dont forget to visit my  art and books website

The power of water

Local flooding on Woolshed Ck Road at Tallegalla.