The Makings of an E-BOOK

One day, about 30 years ago, I was driving to work through busy Brisbane traffic and I happened to look up. I saw two things that have stuck in my mind until this very day. One was the most beautiful cathedral sitting very high up that I had missed due to concentrating on the traffic. The other was a graffiti sentence that I could never miss again, after that day. It simply read ‘ Further we travel into the nightmare’. I felt someone understood my plight of being a then divorced single mother and completing training in my chosen field in the hope of easing my financial situation.

Ok, I hear you thinking ‘how does this relate to the making of an e-book’? I guess it was the learning curve I was on to complete this task of converting my out of print book into an e-book. I was at the same time updating my original InDesign files to tidy them up for Print on Demand. I might add that I am an artist and writer, not a graphic designer, so this type of work is always challenging.

I am older and wiser since those early days in Brisbane and when I heard myself say, as I worked on the files on the computer, ‘This is a nightmare’ I pulled myself up quick smart. I must have been running my hands through my hair as I worked because on glancing in the bathroom mirror I was quite amused by my Andy Warhol hair-do.

I had only just read a short chapter on the Renaissance physician known as Paracelsus who walked outside the establishment in his beliefs regarding healing of the body and mind. He believed that we must have FAITH to be STRONG and PURE and not weakened by DOUBT. If a very small child did not believe it could walk, and did not want the same walking success as its family, then it probably would not keep trying.

So yes I finished the task, and my e-book is launched. I found a great inexpensive software program called Jutoh, by a very helpful Dr Julian Smart, with an English rather than an American dictionary, and it built an interesting range of e-book formats. I also found that there are many options for my e-book, from Kindle to those offered by Ingram Spark, who could also produce my Print on Demand book.

I was disappointed initially that Amazon’s Create Space wasn’t an option, as it will only pay royalties to Australian authors by international cheques. That is out of the question due to the high bank fees. Meanwhile if you would like to view my efforts take a trip to If you have my original version of this book Gleaner or Gladiator: The Struggle to Create  or buy the new e-book, I would be ecstatic if you could please write a kindly review.

You will find the Kindle version of my ebook below on You don’t even need a Kindle as you can download a Kindle Reader for your computer or IPAD for free

New beginnings for a new year

The days currently are balmy. There is electricity in the air and a sense of expectation. Perhaps it’s due to the heat and the sudden light showers of rain mixed with late afternoon storms. For me it is the best time of year in Australia. Christmas is past for another year and now I am painting in my studio, mostly discarding the results, but at some stage the tide will turn.

Have you written your list of things to achieve this year? The new year can bring new beginnings. My list as always is a little daunting…so much to do yet so little time. It begins with the steps needed to produce my first book, Gleaner or Gladiator, nearly out of print, as an e-book and goes on to include designing new brochures and pulling together my new workshop.

Lastly I want to brain storm ideas for an art project, which includes visiting the lands of my ancestors, for later in the year. I won’t include producing artworks in my to do list as it is a given event for most days. It takes a few rehearsals to get the good work out after travel but I need it flowing to have some new works to include in two scheduled exhibitions, before I get distracted with the marketing side of things.

This part of being creative can’t be neglected but how do we manage it all without employing an assistant? My budget doesn’t run to that option unfortunately. A solid foundation built over time is the best possibility for adding new rooms to your house of cards. Fortunately for me I am researching these building blocks and making notes for my new workshop ‘Preparing for Creative Success’ to be held in my studio at Tallegalla in S. E Queensland in April.

The most exciting part of having an open mind is to never know what ultimately lies ahead. Staying positive includes being ready for success so you are able to take up what life throws at you. I wish you a  prosperous and happy New Year my creative friend.

Gleaner or Gladiator: The struggle to create

Available soon as an e-book -Gleaner or Gladiator: The Struggle to Create

Between Two Worlds

Now safely home it is hard to believe we actually drove a marathon 20,000 km journey to explore the lower regions of Western Australia and parts of South Australia in under three months. But then there are the photographs. So many memories of feeling awe inspired, standing on cliff edges, climbing to top of many giant rocks, watching the sea beat relentlessly against the bluffs and the natural patterns and designs I could hardly imagine I was seeing.

I am finally sitting in my studio catching up with office work having cleaned the caravan and cleared away most of the collection of new books, natural objects and the man made discarded objects we gathered from long-gone eras. I loved the deserts, and the isolation of these ghost towns we walked all over while trying to imagine children growing up in these areas of desolation.

Now I am to find a way through all this, while still feeling like I am living in two worlds. I wanted to come home, the experiences feeling just a little packed and layered and needing to be released into something creative. But I do miss the travel already.

For an artist like myself who has a strong attachment to country, and finds a wealth of material there, this is the beginning of another way of working. Before we left Western Australia to head back across the Nullabor Plain, I said goodbye to a great group of female artists who attended my Albany workshop on Creative Direction. Here is a photo of them all, so happy and relaxed at the end of the last day. I made new friends whilst hopefully inspiring and encouraging their artistic output. Thank you all for coming along on this two day journey with me.

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Albany workshop November 2014

Albany workshop November 2014

Seeking a reflective life

Covering around 8000km of travelling doesn’t offer much time for reflection if you are navigating your way through unknown roads but it does pack in a lot of memories and offer amazing inspiration and photo opportunities in the remoter areas. We are traveling for three months and  heading for Perth for a weeks break with Margaret River region behind us. Hopefully there will be time to look over the last seven weeks and reflect on our travels.

The Australian outback experience is life changing but as we have moved more closely in the tourist belt I realise how much I miss the isolation and peace of my rural art studio back home. When we decided to fill in some time on an historic steam train at Dwellingup, outside the Perth region, I realised to late that it was not the best choice during school holidays in WA. Before we even start the carriage is rocking with so many excited young voices I can’t think straight.

While we are not the loudest creatures on this planet I learnt a lot from the experience of visiting Eagle Heritage on Margaret River, a sanctuary where wild birds are taken to recover from illness and injury. The children there were amazingly quiet having been told they must remain so to have an up close encounter. What amazing beautiful creatures are birds. Owls in particular are experts in stealth and surprise and we could learn at lot from them on how to live wisely within our limits.

I loved learning about our Australian owls and below are photos taken from the Eagle Heritage experience..a Barn Owl and a baby BooBook and descriptive signs.


Australian Barn Owl

Australian Barn Owl


Australian Boobook Owl












Eagle Heritage bird refuge in Margaret River WA

Eagle Heritage bird refuge in Margaret River WA











Australian Owls















Accessing inspiration in unlikely places

What inspires us as artists? For each one it is as different as the lives we lead. We each see the world differently and on our current travels in our little self sufficient caravan journeying to Western Australia from our Queensland home I have met a few interesting people who fill their spare time doing what they love.

A friendly couple from Victoria love to haunt old pioneer home sites, scouring the ground with their metal detectors, in the hope of finding personal relics like ornate belt buckles. Working in the sun for hours they pursue this passion with a vengeance often returning to the same site time and again to find yet another elusive piece. They travel long distances and we met up with them in outback South Australia.

Then there was the lovely man who dropped everything on a Saturday to met us and inspect what seemed to be a faulty water pump. It was just a bit dirt chocked from the endless outback roads. He was an amazing man. Growing up with dyslexia in a time when schools didn’t recognise this disabling condition meant he was quite ingenious in the way he handled life. He loves photography, sees the world differently and sent us to his favorite places when he rang us days later to see if we were ok.

Then last night while we celebrated our anniversary in a great restaurant in Ceduna, before heading across to Western Australia the next day, a couple of lovely chatty ladies told us they had just golfed the Nullabor. One who I believe was 81 years old was so young in heart and sprightly that we connected immediately. The people I adore are not hindered by age or limiting thoughts. They have all the qualities of creative people… determination, persistence, practice and graciousness.

LATEST NEWS Artsouthwa will host my workshop Creative Direction and the Inner Artist on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of November at Vancouver Arts Centre at Albany during my road trip to Western Australia. Please contact lyne  or Artsouthwa to book your place. Prices are the same as on the workshop page on this blog.  Please scroll down this page for more information.

Below is a few photographs from our travels. If you look closely in some you will see they all show our traveling home in the distance.