The Birth of a Book

The birth of the NEW YEAR presented me with the birth of  a new book. Two advance copies arrived was named on my website recently…[The Christening will be next.] ‘Harnessing the Power of the CREATIVE SPIRAL’ is now printed [birthed] and arrives around the middle of February. For more information see Art Clique Books

Read the book premise below:

In this third book Lyne Marshall puts her unique spin on the creative process, and the philosophical and spiritual side of art creation. She addresses the cyclic nature of life and art, and the way there is a seemingly invisible organic structure, a spiral, that continues its upward crusade in the course of realising original vision. Marshall is a practicing artist and in this semi–biographical book she fleshes out these ideas in an approach that not only educates the reader to the ways of the artist but increases their understanding of some thought provoking topics. This book deals with the important issues of self awareness, as well as being useful for art instruction.

This is an 80 page full colour book containing many illustrations, paintings, photographs, quotes and poems to support the writing. The Forword is written by Merv Moriarty. See short PDF’s on the ART CLIQUE website You can buy a copy now… $44 postage free to Australia and  New Zealand


Harnessing the Power of the CREATIVE SPIRAL

Lyne Marshall's new book Harnessing the Power of the CREATIVE SPIRAL


'Harnessing the Power of the Creative Spiral' a new book by Lyne Marshall

The FOREWORD of Harnessing the Power of the CREATIVE SPIRAL


Harnessing the Power of the Creative SPIRAL

It’s been quite a journey, a roller coaster ride, and am I surprised? The creative process seems to work that way, a bit of luck maybe, but mostly what I call synchronicity. When you open the door the guests start arriving.

Deciding to write a third book began when I found I was working away in my studio with little satisfaction and quite a few failures. I was struggling with the question of why I had reached this impasse? The twists and turns and repeated patterns, plus the words of other artists, altered me to the idea that this might just be an ongoing natural process, and was not only unavoidable, but should be anticipated with some degree of excitement.

We do have repeated patterns that arise, in differing ways for different people, every time we create. But how do you get excited by the downturns and turn this into a positive experience? What did I need to understand?  This concept formed the premise for my new book Harnessing the Power of the CREATIVE SPIRAL.

This invisible organic spiral structure continues its upward crusade in the course of realising original vision. In covering the stages it reaches, I was able to address some thought provoking topics, including raw talent, self awareness, risk taking,  and the meaning of values. Below is an exert from the Foreword  written by  Merv Moriarty

‘This spiral, that Lyne has so beautifully constructed is, I feel, not only a part of every artist’s battle, it is perhaps applicable to the journey of everyone who dares to challenge the way that is safe but ordinary – who dares to turn their back on that way, even for a small stretch, to try to wring something more out of the journey that is life. .’ Merv Moriarity

I do run somewhat with metaphor. Story-telling is one of my favorite language tools however terms such as artistic vision and creative process can be problematic as they are not only metaphorical but also fleeting and elusive. This book continues my long journey of gaining an understanding into what is considered by many as mysterious yet tenuous. In writing it I have renewed my enthusiasm for not only art, but life in general. I believe the reader will have the same positive experiences.

Due for release sometime in January and at the latest early February,  I am planning to have Harnessing the Power of the CREATIVE SPIRAL stocked in many of the venues who hold my other books  so check with the one near you if you bought my previous books there. It can also be preordered by emailing me. [ books ] Below is a sneak review of the cover. The previous books can be viewed on and the new addition will be featured there soon.


A new book examining the nature of the invisible organic spiral that continues its upward crusade in the course of realising original vision.



Truth in Art

I was reading about Bob Dylan yesterday, in a summary of his music career written by Scott Marshall, in a little book titled Spiritual Journeys –How faith has influenced twelve music icons. I realised it was his birthday. Bob Dylan turned  70 years old on the 24th May. What has always been influential for me, besides Dylan’s amazing song writing and music, is his conviction to what he sees as his truth. He has never shied away from his own beliefs which are boldly written in his songs.

Music has always been high on my list of things that inspire and watching Buffy Sainte- Maree, another 70 year old performer on stage at the Byron Blues Fest, had a huge impact. There were quite a few musicians over 60 yrs of age. These performers had strong convictions and a lifetime’s work to draw on.

Creative people who have strong traits such as a love of freedom, mystery, empathy  and beauty, be it subtle or shouted about, and who combine these with endurance, courage, ingenuity and self trust are always  genuine in their pursuit for the real thing. Not satisfied with the mundane they do what it takes to achieve their goals honestly.

Getting to the truths of any art form has never been easy, and Bob Dylan has many critics, yet he remains an icon. Age should not be a deterrent, nor criticism, nor lack of support. These can become poor excuses for not creating what is in the heart. Fear can stop the greatest idea as can our concerns for what others might say.  Being aware of this is the first step, from then on it can only be upwards.

The painting below is of  a view from my older art studio. It was not a conscious image that I painted  as the tree appeared unexpectantly. I realised it was the tree that had grown from a  sapling by the nearby dam during the drought. It was a real survivor.  This painting is currently on show at Moreton Art Awards at Pine Rivers Art Gallery and Community Centre until the 29th May

View from the art studio - abstract modern art painting

View from the Studio Door 122 x 122 cm 2010

Action, Attention, Activity and Attitude

Growing up on an island was amazing but it has finally caught up with me but no use crying over spilt sunscreen. Recovering from facial surgey for a skin cancer is not exactly an uplifting experience  and it keeps me from the studio, as spashing all that paint about is not good at the moment. I am having the best time though researching for my workshops. The four big A’s.. Action, Attention, Activity and Attitude give us all enormous power but its all down to choice. Grow and expand or stifle the life force and stagnate and die…I know what I am going to do. Enjoy life while I can.  Here one of my newest paintings  finished prior to surgery.

New painting for Art Sydney

River of Life 2, Acrylic on canvas 81 x 112cm