Practice, Practice, Practice…

The second quality of creativity is  the ability to keep working hard. Having said that I find my philosophy to focus on the art studio waning a bit of late due to writing commitments and the need to recovery from surgery. All artists, writers, musicians etc  face the effects of life getting in the way of creating, so I do like deadlines.  Rather than creating stress, I find they create a need to get to work and often lead to breakthroughs. So if you haven’t  a deadline looming, make one… and watch what happens to your creative output!

The Twelve Qualities of Creativity

Part of my early research which lead to my first book, was looking at what happened in the artist’s studio. I have come a long way since those days but I remember my frustration at the blocks. Why did the work pour out somedays and others it was just like reinventing the wheel? I have found that artists are just like musicians, so when things are not working it is just the rehearsal for the ‘real’ work. Over the next week I am going to discuss the Twelve Qualities of a Creative Artist, starting tomorrow with the first  quality – Raw Talent. Please add your own comments

River of Life 1, 81 x 101 cm

River of Life 1 from the 2010 Spirit of Trees series.