Action, Attention, Activity and Attitude

Growing up on an island was amazing but it has finally caught up with me but no use crying over spilt sunscreen. Recovering from facial surgey for a skin cancer is not exactly an uplifting experience  and it keeps me from the studio, as spashing all that paint about is not good at the moment. I am having the best time though researching for my workshops. The four big A’s.. Action, Attention, Activity and Attitude give us all enormous power but its all down to choice. Grow and expand or stifle the life force and stagnate and die…I know what I am going to do. Enjoy life while I can.  Here one of my newest paintings  finished prior to surgery.

New painting for Art Sydney

River of Life 2, Acrylic on canvas 81 x 112cm

Geotour with the Rock Doctor : John Jackson

Amazing Rocks

Seeking out amazing landscapes is one of my inspirational joys. A day out with the Rock Doctor, John Jackson, gave me an insight into our geological history and a look at some of the amazing places that are so close to home. I didnt need to go to Ireland, although that is on my wish list, only to the north coast beaches of  New South Wales,  to see these basalt columns that occurred long ago from ancient lava flows. There is something about being in the midst of forces of nature, that no artist could possibly replicate, that challenges our humanity and leaves such lasting impressions.