New beginnings for a new year

The days currently are balmy. There is electricity in the air and a sense of expectation. Perhaps it’s due to the heat and the sudden light showers of rain mixed with late afternoon storms. For me it is the best time of year in Australia. Christmas is past for another year and now I am painting in my studio, mostly discarding the results, but at some stage the tide will turn.

Have you written your list of things to achieve this year? The new year can bring new beginnings. My list as always is a little daunting…so much to do yet so little time. It begins with the steps needed to produce my first book, Gleaner or Gladiator, nearly out of print, as an e-book and goes on to include designing new brochures and pulling together my new workshop.

Lastly I want to brain storm ideas for an art project, which includes visiting the lands of my ancestors, for later in the year. I won’t include producing artworks in my to do list as it is a given event for most days. It takes a few rehearsals to get the good work out after travel but I need it flowing to have some new works to include in two scheduled exhibitions, before I get distracted with the marketing side of things.

This part of being creative can’t be neglected but how do we manage it all without employing an assistant? My budget doesn’t run to that option unfortunately. A solid foundation built over time is the best possibility for adding new rooms to your house of cards. Fortunately for me I am researching these building blocks and making notes for my new workshop ‘Preparing for Creative Success’ to be held in my studio at Tallegalla in S. E Queensland in April.

The most exciting part of having an open mind is to never know what ultimately lies ahead. Staying positive includes being ready for success so you are able to take up what life throws at you. I wish you a  prosperous and happy New Year my creative friend.

Take a Walk under My Skies

OPEN STUDIO AND GALLERY Weekend at Tallegalla-  9th and 10th April 2016

Visit my studio art exhibition in the Art Clique Gallery at Tallegalla in South East Queensland.       I live on a rural property with unending skies that change hourly. Some mornings they are so breathtaking their beauty is overwhelming. I remember when I first moved to this area thinking I had not noticed the skies in this way since I was a child.  Storms can race across the paddocks on one side of our house while strong bright sunshine pours down on the other.

Tallegalla morning skies

Tallegalla morning skies

It is in the heart of this environment, in South East Queensland, only an hour from the city of Brisbane, that I create my artworks.  I often sit in the studio garden and contemplate my surroundings and read as I find wisdom and peace in words.

Looking over Minden Valley after the rain

Looking over Minden Valley after the rain

This land that I live on is so beautiful, even when the grass browns from lack of rain, that I decided right then and there to exhibit the artwork in my own studio gallery.

On the weekend of the 9th and 10th April from 9am to 5pm you can visit my inspiration and step into an artist’s world.  New work will be on display along with older works paintings, etchings and my books.

We would love to welcome you here. You can purchase and lay byes are accepted for Christmas. Please call M 0418 876 230 for directions and visit the  Art Clique Gallery online

Here is a sneek peek of the Gallery and Studio.

Art Clique Studio Gallery

View from the gallery garden

View from the gallery garden

Art Studio

Art Studio

Having the Right Attitude

As a constrained television viewer, with more interest in reading my books than watching  the screen, programs based around the renovation of unique old homes, enveloped in a great deal of history, will capture me every time. Perhaps it is because these plans encompass a vision shaped by large imaginations coupled with vast doses of creative thinking. Great architecture always transforms by responding to place.

In the program Grand Designs I am fascinated by the way the home renovator takes on the biggest challenges to see the development of their dream house nurture not only their confidence and sense of purpose, but become life changing. The way we choose to live is always down to personal taste but it is very obvious that happiness is entwined in how we perceive our homes and working lives.

Creativity is in everything. It is part of what we do and as for our own dwellings we can transform what we think is the drabbest outdated building by just a little elbow grease, paint and clever furniture. Having the right attitude to work can see our creative projects change us forever.

Gaining knowledge is one exercise I really look forward to and this coming weekend I will be spending my time working in my studio with an artist friend. We plan to share with each other our own recently acquired knowledge in two very different areas; digital image transfer techniques and the artist’s philosophy on colour and focus.

No doubt this will be inspiring and the results will hopefully flow into my painting time, adding renewed vigor to my vision for my coming exhibition in Perth in October. My last paintings completed prior to the Easter break are below.

My current solo exhibition Where Waters Meet runs until 9th May at NEOGALLERY  at Mt Coolum. Exhibition viewed by appointment on 07 5471 6175 .

Dividing the Waters 91 x 91 cm acrylic on canvas 2014

Dividing the Waters 91 x 91 cm acrylic on canvas 2014

River Deep 91 x 91 cm acrylic on canvas

River Deep 91 x 91 cm acrylic on canvas

The Time Has Come…

When Lewis Carroll wrote the poem The Walrus and The Carpenter back in 1872 he might not have imagined in his wildest dreams that it would become such a timeless classic…


The time has come, the Walrus said,
To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot–
And whether pigs have wings


There are many other verses of this poem just as wonderful but it has been my motto throughout life to say the first few lines of the above verse when I know the time has come to act. I never would have believed that I could be so excited about painting the interior of my house, which I had put off for far to long to answer the call of the studio and fulfill my various art commitments.


Why put off what we know has to be done? It’s an interesting phenomenon that we often do just this to avoid sometime that might cause pain even for a satisfactory result. If you are like me, to begin house painting you first have to remove a lot of clutter. It’s a bit like creating anew in the studio… and it is somewhat embarrassing to think we can gather so much. Letting go is always hard. There are memories and emotions attached to what we collect and there is a sense that this item will not only one day be needed but may make life easier for some reason.


A spring clean however is good for the soul and the spirit. When you combine this removal of clutter with renovating your living or working space it is very satisfying. With much more to do I am still enthused as I see the end result of each step. Why did I leave off doing this for so long?


Below are three new paintings completed just before downing the art gear to pick up the ‘work’ tools. It will be interesting to see how all the de-cluttering and energetic painting will affect any new artwork when I return to the studio.

Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life…  Oscar Wilde

Forces of Nature 122 x 122 cm acrylic on canvas

Forces of Nature 122 x 122 cm acrylic on canvas

Gaining Altitude 122 x122cm acrylic on canvas

Gaining Altitude 122 x122 cm acrylic on canvas

King of Tides 90 x 60cm acrylic SOLD

King of Tides 90 x 60cm acrylic SOLD

Harnessing the Power of the Creative SPIRAL

It’s been quite a journey, a roller coaster ride, and am I surprised? The creative process seems to work that way, a bit of luck maybe, but mostly what I call synchronicity. When you open the door the guests start arriving.

Deciding to write a third book began when I found I was working away in my studio with little satisfaction and quite a few failures. I was struggling with the question of why I had reached this impasse? The twists and turns and repeated patterns, plus the words of other artists, altered me to the idea that this might just be an ongoing natural process, and was not only unavoidable, but should be anticipated with some degree of excitement.

We do have repeated patterns that arise, in differing ways for different people, every time we create. But how do you get excited by the downturns and turn this into a positive experience? What did I need to understand?  This concept formed the premise for my new book Harnessing the Power of the CREATIVE SPIRAL.

This invisible organic spiral structure continues its upward crusade in the course of realising original vision. In covering the stages it reaches, I was able to address some thought provoking topics, including raw talent, self awareness, risk taking,  and the meaning of values. Below is an exert from the Foreword  written by  Merv Moriarty

‘This spiral, that Lyne has so beautifully constructed is, I feel, not only a part of every artist’s battle, it is perhaps applicable to the journey of everyone who dares to challenge the way that is safe but ordinary – who dares to turn their back on that way, even for a small stretch, to try to wring something more out of the journey that is life. .’ Merv Moriarity

I do run somewhat with metaphor. Story-telling is one of my favorite language tools however terms such as artistic vision and creative process can be problematic as they are not only metaphorical but also fleeting and elusive. This book continues my long journey of gaining an understanding into what is considered by many as mysterious yet tenuous. In writing it I have renewed my enthusiasm for not only art, but life in general. I believe the reader will have the same positive experiences.

Due for release sometime in January and at the latest early February,  I am planning to have Harnessing the Power of the CREATIVE SPIRAL stocked in many of the venues who hold my other books  so check with the one near you if you bought my previous books there. It can also be preordered by emailing me. [ books ] Below is a sneak review of the cover. The previous books can be viewed on and the new addition will be featured there soon.


A new book examining the nature of the invisible organic spiral that continues its upward crusade in the course of realising original vision.