Invisible Realities: The Hidden Dimensions in Art

Invisible Realities: Finding the Hidden Dimensions in Art

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‘Open your mind to the possibilities that lie within your own creative spirit.’

Invisible Realities: Finding the Hidden Dimensions in Art  an 80 page full color book on the artistic mind, and the many layers that make up an artwork, explores the journey of the Inner Artist. Can the meaning of an artwork affect the visual perceptions of the viewer and change their philosophy in some way? There are many dimensions or layers in an artwork that arise from the ascetics of art making, but also from the physiological processes within the artist’s brain and their understanding of the world.

While all art has hidden dimensions, not all art will speak clearly to the viewer. The underlying personal values and beliefs of an artist can’t help but underpin their artistic output and how they transmit this truth and power can affect the connection between a creative work and an audience. This book, in addressing this bigger picture question, hopefully relates to all art production, in whatever forms they are produced, be it music, writing, painting, singing, dance, photography or any other creative expressions.

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Available also from selected bookshops, art shops and Regional Galleries around Australia including the National Gallery bookshop in Canberra, The Queensland Art Gallery and GOMA in Brisbane and as far afield as Cairns in North Qld, Broome in W.A, Darwin, Burnie in Tasmania  and Reyburn Gallery in Whangarei N.Z.

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