RE:LOCATION interactive art project

Listed here are the GPS geocache co-ordinates for the placing of geocache  Art Pods in the English countryside. First placement is in Dover in ENGLAND, in May, [ see  geocache co-ordinates on linked page below]  and then on to Bristol, Alfriston, Hyath, Lympne and Lambeth in June .  [You can also follow the  journey in  Armagh and Killyman in IRELAND and  Glasgow and Jedburgh in SCOTLAND   Mobile phones usually have GPS. Please share this with your friends.

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1.    14/5/2015 Art Pod placed in DOVER in Kent  Region

2.    3/5/2015 Art Pod in BRISTOL in Somerset

3.    4/6/15   Art Pod placed  in LYMPNE in Kent

4.    4/6/15  Art Pod placed  in HYTHE in Kent

5.    4/6/15  Art Pod placed  in ALFRISTON in Sussex

6.     13/6/2015  Art Pod  placed in LAMBETH  London