The Re: Location Project and Exhibition

A quote by Jim Rohn, author and motivational speaker  ‘If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.’  The Re:Location project will hopefully be far from ordinary.  View the  VIDEO here and see more on Art Clique under Art Projects.

As an artist I have always been fascinated by who I am and why art has become the passion and purpose for my life. My relatives emigrated to Australia in early 1800’s and the RE:Location Project began with an overseas journey to Ireland, Scotland and England in 2015 to visit their ancestral lands. The concept for this exhibition arose from that journey and relates back to their emigration, and the premise that my life in Australia is due to the many risks and losses of cultural history that occurred from that relocation.

RE:Location Project

I placed ten little Art Pods containing my own artworks into the places they had lived before migrating to Australia, and this emotional experience triggered the content for an exhibition of the same name.  The artwork has evolved into three parts – digitally mastered images on metal substrate representing the migration, sculptures of wood, resin and metal referring to the settlements, and acrylic paintings alluding to the legacy of their journey, and the inherent beauty of the Australian wilderness.

The exhibition which will travel to participating venues in Australia including Manning Gallery in Taree in March 2017 and Ipswich Art Gallery late 2017. An important aspect of the proposed exhibition will be the ongoing documentation offered as a combination of photographs, video, a book and a catalogue which will include information from the overseas component.

Lyne Marshall’s RE:Location Exhibition

The ten ‘Art Pod’ locations are listed here. Please pass the information on to friends you may have in the area. Feedback is anticipated and encouraged. The first exciting outcome is that the Art Pod placed in Lympne has relocated itself to France. Read the story here.


1.  14/5/2015 First Art Pod Location DOVER in Kent England

2. 20/5/2015 Art Pod placed in Armagh in Northern Ireland

3. 21/5/2015 Art Pod placed in Killyman in Northern Ireland

4. 29/5/2015 Art Pod placed in Glasgow in Scotland

5.  30/5/2015 Art Pod placed in Jedburgh in Scotland

6.  3/6/2015 Art Pod placed in Bristol in England

7.  4/6/2015 Art Pod placed in Lympne in England [ relocated to FRANCE ]

8.  4/6/2015 Art Pod placed in Hythe in England

9   4/6/2015  Art Pod placed in Alfriston  in England

10.  13/6/2015 Art pod placed in Lambeth in London.

Art caches to be placed in Ireland, Scotland and England May and June 2015 and

Art Pods designed to be found in Ireland , Scotland and England

Art Pods designed to be found in Ireland , Scotland and England