RE:Location- an interactive art exhibition

Lyne Marshall’s RE:Location exhibition at Manning Art Gallery 2nd March – 2nd April 2017

Standing among the results of two years of my creative time, presented now by gallery staff and volunteers with so much love and attention, is an affirming moment. What an adventure it has been delivering the art to Manning Gallery in Taree NSW for the RE:Location exhibition. I have been introduced to a new group of arts workers, who not only love the arts, but do what they do with great enthusiasm. See the VIDEO of setting up here and links to workshops are below.

Lyne Marshall’s RE:Location exhibition at Manning Regional Art Gallery

This exhibition of 14 paintings, 6 digital artworks, 16 sculptures [and 6 Log Lights by my partner Peter Marshall ] started with an overseas venture to visit the homelands of my ancestors who came to Australia in the 18oo’s. It has now culminated with this exhibition, a video and a new book, RE:Location as Inspiration: Creating from Diverse Landscapes

Back in 2015 I wanted to return something of myself to those ancestral lands so I secreted 10 little art-pods, which contained signed images of my artworks for the taking. For this exhibition I have placed 8 new art-pods in the Taree area, and invite the viewers of my exhibition to find them with GPS co-ordinates. The POD LOCATIONS are listed here with the co-ordinates, tips, and approximate distance from the gallery. Enter the numbers into the SEARCH on Google Maps. The art-pods are all on public land and require no digging so if you find one please take an image and return the Pod without bringing attention to its placement.

  1. 909285 S 152.471357 E: Grassy rest at a She Oak tree, left side of the track   800m
  2. 911710 S 152.466168 E   Under the board walk with river views.                     300 m
  3. 916625 S 152.457857 E   Lurking behind the Remnant Rainforest                   750 m
  4. 908293 S 152.461478 E   In the arms of a 2 BOB tree.                                    300 m
  5. 907768 S 152.472785 E   Wynter lies ahead on the garden walk.                     1 km
  6. 871275 S 152.378785 E   Brush with nature under the ramp                           10 Km
  7. 890353 S 152.472897 E   Gee – gee this might stump you.                              3 km
  8. 918195 S 152.462775 E   Fig-ure this: curled in a bed of leaves                       900 m

Mapping the Land series – acrylic on canvas- part of the Manning Gallery RE:Location exhibition by Lyne Marshall.

RE:Location is showing at Manning Gallery from the 2nd March to the 2nd April 2017 with an opening  the 4th,  and an artist talk at 2pm on the 5th. Professional Development workshops on Wednesday 28th and Finding Creative Direction two day workshop on the 1st and 2nd of April can be booked with the gallery.

Sculptural artworks by Lyne Marshall

Pigment Inks on Metal by Lyne Marshall and Log Lights by Peter Marshall

Artworks for the exhibition can be viewed now on Art Clique- Lyne’s dedicated website. RE:Location will also be exhibited in Queensland on the Stage at the Ipswich Art Gallery from the 21st August to the 16th October 2017, and Barossa Regional Gallery in September – October in 2018 .

Lyne Marshall’s paintings