Practice, practice, practice

My 2016 new year’s resolution is to practice, practice, practice at getting better at what I do.

This is the second quality of creativity and necessary for all artists, writers, musicians etc who face the effects of life getting in the way of creating. Christmas just seems to take up so much of our time but what a better way to take it easy than to spend time with family and friends.

I have kept working in my old studio which is away from the house and it’s all a bit messy. its  quite a nice break from 2D work. I majored in sculpture at University but it has always taken second place to my painting. it doesn’t seem cause me the same angst though as I use found objects that just seem to jump into my hands. I just keep plodding along and put it all together. Quite an exciting time.

My next project is to create a series of digital works for the Re:Location exhibition which will include the sculptures I have nearly finished. Deadlines are great motivators as rather than causing stress they create a need to get to work and often lead to breakthroughs. All of this feeds back into my painting which will hopefully take off with a jump start when I get back in the newer studio which is housed under the main part of our home.

If you haven’t  a deadline looming for 2016, make one… and watch what happens to your creative output!

Below is work in progress… a table of sculptures, part of the coming ReLocation Project exhibition.  See the project video here.

studio sculpturestudio_sculpture2