The Twelfth Quality of Creativity – Confidence

Merry Christmas for 2015. This is an old post which somehow dropped of this BLOG. I have added it again. I hope you enjoy reading  it.

Working away in my studio, aiming for the perfect state of FLOW, I began reflecting on my many years of creating art.  Although the creative process can follow a similar trail each time you work, it still can leave you wanting a better outcome.

Why is this so?  When inspiration fails, when it seems a little dark outside, know that change is coming. I have often wondered why the creative flow can seem so inaccessible at times. I recall being told to find a word or phrase to fall back on when things are not going well. The right word or statement can have amazing powers to lift the spirits.

Without confidence we do nothing.  We flounder like a fish out of water.  I am told that in the recent floods there have been a few fish washing up in unexpected places. It doesn’t take a crisis however to lack confidence. Creativity is like the ebb and flow of the sea. The main thing is to never give up during these dark nights of the soul. The tide turns and confidence returns. Just think if you had given up and just around the corner was an amazing opening. Of course without confidence we may turn away from opportunity.

While making mistakes is a normal part of creativity, watching children painting and drawing is a real treat. They never hold back or doubt their abilities. Plenty of confidence leaps about as they jump in. I have the fruits of my grandchildren’s labour hanging up in my studio. I find the little art works on the wall after they visit. I enjoy the different moods and forms of expression in the work.

This, of course, is the secret, to be just like the children when we create, forget the end result and enjoy the journey. Confidence just has a way of coming back to lift the spirits.