RE:Location Project …the next layer

Veiled Horizons Dusk 122 x 122 cm acrylic on canvas

Veiled Horizons Dusk 120 x 120 cm acrylic on canvas

After returning from visiting Ireland and the UK it is exciting to see new work finally starting to take shape.

Currently I am painting although I am longing to start working on some digital images for the Re:Location exhibition.

My first work took on the ambiance of  my own back yard. I overlook the Minden Valley and late in the day, as the sunlight fades, it becomes atmospheric, almost spiritual.

The third work I finished had moved offshore, taking me back to the ancient architecture of the churches and castles  and the tiny streets of my ancestral lands. The family tree then emerged and I knew it was complete. I am looking forward to posting more artworks as they emerge and I relive my wonderful seven weeks of travel.

Ancestral lands 122 x 122 cm acrylic on canvas

Ancestral lands 120 x 120 cm acrylic on canvas