Coping with the unexpected

We arrive at a time in our lives when an unexpected experience is pivotal in changing who, where and what we believe in. Today I am visiting the orthopedic surgeon who put my painting wrist back together in late January. While he must see the tragic results of many traumatic injuries he remains upbeat, loving what he does. ‘I am just a carpenter ‘ he smilingly says ‘ I just work with bone instead of wood’.

I recently began reading Taking Heaven Lightly written by Roisin Fitzpatrick, an artist whose near death experience went on to take her art to the highest places. While my smashed wrist was not life threatening, as was her brain haemorrhage, there was some concern regarding the future of my art career.

However lessons learned in life are game changers. I painted with my left hand while I questioned my path and today I am still in the studio. At some point in a recent overseas journey my right hand became part of me again. It may not be as agile as it once was, but it is early days.

Chateaubriand in Travels in Italy wroteEvery man carries within him a world which is composed of all that he has seen and loved, and to which he constantly returns, even when he is travelling through, and seems to be living in, some different world’.

Catching up with some unfinished work produced the following videos on my projects and books.

RE:Location Art Pod Project -VIDEO

Three books on the creative journey -VIDEO