Pathways to Success

Slowing down isn’t something creative people contemplate. Sometimes the controls are taken out of your hands, and if only for a short time, you compensate. The concept of the child within us being constrained by our dominating adult self is, I feel, very real. I am however constantly reminded that we can overcome old habits if we believe in the neuroplasticity of our brains, and the ability to teach an old dog new tricks, so to speak.

More and more highly skilled medical personal are coming to believe in the ability we have to take control of our brains and build new pathways that overcome obstacles. The recent article in the Weekend Australian magazine by Norman Doidge titled Brain Heal My Pain is just one example of this phenomenon.

Artists, writers and all creative people can often face barriers that can seem insurmountable and so around 2010 I began study that would fast forward my knowledge of brain plasticity and change the way I viewed the world. Like most things I embark on I did this for my own growth, and later found it was something I could begin to share with others.

In my new workshop Pathways to Success some of the best concepts that helped me to change will be offered in a two day workshop. I may be helpful if you have first completed the Inner Artist: Finding Creative Direction workshop but not essential.

On another note: My exhibition Journey through the Wilderness will open at 6pm on the 5th March at Arts House Gallery 1/24 Macquarie Street, Teneriffe, Brisbane, Qld . All welcome but please RSVP HERE for catering purposes. It will run until 30th April.

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