Between Two Worlds

Now safely home it is hard to believe we actually drove a marathon 20,000 km journey to explore the lower regions of Western Australia and parts of South Australia in under three months. But then there are the photographs. So many memories of feeling awe inspired, standing on cliff edges, climbing to top of many giant rocks, watching the sea beat relentlessly against the bluffs and the natural patterns and designs I could hardly imagine I was seeing.

I am finally sitting in my studio catching up with office work having cleaned the caravan and cleared away most of the collection of new books, natural objects and the man made discarded objects we gathered from long-gone eras. I loved the deserts, and the isolation of these ghost towns we walked all over while trying to imagine children growing up in these areas of desolation.

Now I am to find a way through all this, while still feeling like I am living in two worlds. I wanted to come home, the experiences feeling just a little packed and layered and needing to be released into something creative. But I do miss the travel already.

For an artist like myself who has a strong attachment to country, and finds a wealth of material there, this is the beginning of another way of working. Before we left Western Australia to head back across the Nullabor Plain, I said goodbye to a great group of female artists who attended my Albany workshop on Creative Direction. Here is a photo of them all, so happy and relaxed at the end of the last day. I made new friends whilst hopefully inspiring and encouraging their artistic output. Thank you all for coming along on this two day journey with me.

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Albany workshop November 2014

Albany workshop November 2014