Accessing inspiration in unlikely places

What inspires us as artists? For each one it is as different as the lives we lead. We each see the world differently and on our current travels in our little self sufficient caravan journeying to Western Australia from our Queensland home I have met a few interesting people who fill their spare time doing what they love.

A friendly couple from Victoria love to haunt old pioneer home sites, scouring the ground with their metal detectors, in the hope of finding personal relics like ornate belt buckles. Working in the sun for hours they pursue this passion with a vengeance often returning to the same site time and again to find yet another elusive piece. They travel long distances and we met up with them in outback South Australia.

Then there was the lovely man who dropped everything on a Saturday to met us and inspect what seemed to be a faulty water pump. It was just a bit dirt chocked from the endless outback roads. He was an amazing man. Growing up with dyslexia in a time when schools didn’t recognise this disabling condition meant he was quite ingenious in the way he handled life. He loves photography, sees the world differently and sent us to his favorite places when he rang us days later to see if we were ok.

Then last night while we celebrated our anniversary in a great restaurant in Ceduna, before heading across to Western Australia the next day, a couple of lovely chatty ladies told us they had just golfed the Nullabor. One who I believe was 81 years old was so young in heart and sprightly that we connected immediately. The people I adore are not hindered by age or limiting thoughts. They have all the qualities of creative people… determination, persistence, practice and graciousness.

LATEST NEWS Artsouthwa will host my workshop Creative Direction and the Inner Artist on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of November at Vancouver Arts Centre at Albany during my road trip to Western Australia. Please contact lyne  or Artsouthwa to book your place. Prices are the same as on the workshop page on this blog.  Please scroll down this page for more information.

Below is a few photographs from our travels. If you look closely in some you will see they all show our traveling home in the distance.