Getting into Flow for the New Year.

Merry Christmas to all, and may you increase the passion and investment in your own creative area to make 2014 a wonderful year.

Reflecting over the past year and beyond I recalled my early research which lead to my first book, Gleaner or Gladiator: The Struggle to Create.  At the time I was looking at the repeated cycles of struggle encountered in the artist’s studio. I may have come a long way since those days but I vividly remember the frustration of pushing through the blocks to discover my true direction.  I doing so I developed an understanding of the process which helps immensely when I encounter similar painful times.

It is an enigma how creative work pours out sometimes and eludes us at others. Just as musicians do, visual artists will rehearse the moves before the ‘real’ work emerges. Earlier in my blog posts I wrote about the Twelve Qualities of a Creative Artist to address the characteristics needed to reach a higher level of achievement. While there may be many other abilities needed to face issues that arise, any understanding, hopefully, will allow us to continue along our chosen path.

My 2014 plan is to give  a two day workshop in my studio in late May to address finding creative direction. The date will be announced on the Workshops Page in the new year and inquiries are welcome. My last work created for 2013 is the painting featured ‘ Where Waters Meet’  which will be the title for my April exhibition at NEO GALLERY at Mt Coolum in Queensland.  Have a peaceful and restful holiday season.


Where Waters Meet 122 x 122 cm acrylic on canvas

Where Waters Meet 122 x 122 cm acrylic on canvas