Going the extra Mile

How to go the extra mile?…or kilometers as we say in Australia. It was a lesson I learnt on a recent trip to Hong Kong. When a little lost, as occurred on several occasions, I kept going and found my way.  Often, and at times, just around the corner, the road appeared leading to our destination. This experience can be motivational when the going gets tough, as it did when I was spring cleaning and demolishing my kitchen tiles during recent renovations. At times it was daunting.. so much to do.. however the right tools always came to hand when I persevered. I know that in the bigger picture an answer will always appear if I persist.
After two and half months of renovating my artwork is calling to me. Not long now I say to myself. I do plan to take back to my studio my renovating lesson and convert it to..- When all looks bleak, and you are really tired, an opening will happen. Mostly it will require a little extra sweat to complete things to my best ability, and perhaps more effort that I might have been expecting.
My new kitchen comes in three days…meanwhile, needing a little escape at night from the real world, I began reading a novel by Alex Miller titled Prochownik’s Dream. This story about a fictional artist .. funny how we always want to see how the other person lives.. has some great quotes. One at the very beginning by Simone de Beauvoir that rings of truth reads ‘We cannot arbitrarily invent projects for ourselves: they have to be written in our past as requirements’. Then there is a quote by one of the book’s characters .. ‘the most dangerous time for an artist is when his work has found favor with the public. Then he is tempted to stop struggling and that is what finishes him. He stops taking risks.’
Having recently written a chapter about risk taking in my latest book- Harnessing the Power of the CREATIVE SPIRAL  this spoke to me about the need to always go that extra mile…to want the next work to be better than the last in some way, and to reject complacency. Here is a photo of the offshoot of renovating.. a clean studio I call my sanctuary  just waiting to messed up. I cant wait..

The Sanctuary..the art studio