Sweet Anticipation

We all love that excited feeling of anticipation that precedes events that are life changing. There is an excess of energy that pushes us to complete all the tasks required in the lead up. Lots of communications, thinking and action, along with creativity, get the job done.

Artists, writers, musicians, and all creative people will face this scenario before exhibiting, publishing, performing and travelling. It is deadlines that create growth and movement. It can be daunting, and it takes confidence and nerve to lock ourselves into a time frame.

Winston Churchill said ‘success is not final, failure is not fatal; it the courage to continue that counts’. I think the reason most of us fear failure, and perhaps avoid risks, is that we don’t fully understand the cyclic nature of creativity. We talk about hitting a wall, trying to hard, and being stuck and think it’s the bitter end to our creativity.

In my new book, due early next year, I write about this as a natural progression, believing that if we have more understanding, the journey will be softened and give us all hope. In the meantime it is my turn for anticipation. Putting my faith in the process requires that I keep working and meet my deadline. With three weeks away traveling this will a big task. However I do love a good challenge.

Below is one of my latest painting Fires in the Valley.  [ I had though in retrospect it might have been more appropriate to call it Fire in the Belly]

Fires in the valley

Fires in the Valley 76cm x 76cm acrylic on canvas