Creative Destiny

Creative people will search for inspiration through many sources including other artists but in the end it is who we are that needs to  shine through in our work. By going back to the basics, to drawing on our own backyard, we will find our souls’ creative destiny. To be passionate requires faith, and this is the glue that will hold us together, for in us all beats a heart that not only loves the living elixir of life, the richest reddest blood, but the act of creation.

It is important in finding the way to be led by a greater love. In looking for answers we may be spun in many directions and just as water finds it own level we also find, through repetitive signs, a clear direction. All passionate artists are lead to search for their marks, to then place the beating of their own hearts on paper, canvas or clay. This is to trust the spiritual connection we have to life and not the words of mere men; the critics and the art experts but the words of the heart.

Just as the leaf falling on turbid waters is tossed about by the eddy and flow, its destination arrives in time. To go with the creative flow is to trust our own judgement, for to follow another’s way is to get caught in a side stream and never be free. If feeling blocked use this break to research and grow. It is enlightening to understand that block is actually change waiting to happen.

Below some new paintings fresh from the studio. Find more of my work on the ArtClique website

New contemporary landscape painting

Vanishing Vista 76 x 76 cm acrylic on canvas

Reforming the Land acrylic on canvas 76 x 76 cm

Appreciating inspirational skies

How often have you seen images of artworks made my animals: perhaps elephants, monkeys and even cats. There is a published book titled ‘Why Cats Paint’ and also a few interesting youtube videos about this subject. Now I do admit I own the book and must read it one day as I have seen evidence of my cat making swipe marks in the mud and dust on my car. As she is the furry kind of feline I am reluctant to give her my acrylic paints to use, despite possibly missing out on making millions from the sales of her art.

Recently I discovered my cat sits in the paddock and watches the sunrise most mornings. We love to photograph these amazing skies and I see God’s brush work in the clouds. As I am inspired to write on creative process and the way the mind works in the art studio, this realisation posed a dilemma for me.  If my cat is getting inspiration from the sunrise, will she  one day demand that I allow her to paint?

Tallegalla sunrise

Leonardo Da Vinci loved the skies and was known to have said said “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return’.  I have posted a video on Facebook and here of a sunrise at my home.

Download Tallegalla Dawn, an artist’s inspiration


Storm clouds over Tallegalla








Brushmarks in the sky