The Tenth Quality of Creativity- Articulation

Solar power without the grid, lots of rain and no sun, and two broken generators, has slowed my latest blog input, but excuses aside, I am back to working my way through the Twelve Qualities of Creativity. I have a question for you.

Do you feel confident to talk or write about your creative output? It’s not always easy if you want to reach the viewer from their own perspective of the world. While a creative work will have many layers, which result from the artist’s life experiences, the viewer will interpret from their understanding. This convoluted reading can overshadow the intended meaning which may take something away from the outcome.

A humble artwork can speak from a level that is not about the subject matter, yet has the ability to change the world perspective of the viewer. This might seem like a big call, and most could relate this more easily to a book or film, however understanding is really about the viewer giving the creative work  time to speak to them in a language they know. This may take a little contemplation during or after the event.

In this busy world we rush past life, and miss the subtleties. An artist with a purpose knows what and why they create and they will have had many influences. The audience would like to hear about these, but first their creation has to attract the viewer long enough for them to reflect on their own journey. A brief solid sentence,  that is not to academic or full of waffle, can quickly pull the viewer deeper into this experience.

Artists tend to gather like minded artist friends and I see this on social media sites. They influence each other and are inspired by the achievements of their colleagues. What happens if you don’t follow a particular genre and feel like you are out on your own? Its best to find like minded artist friends but lean heavily on your research. Learn from others, but only those who have proven themselves through time….and discover how to articulate what you have to say in your art.

Below is a belated photo from my workshop ‘Finding the Inner Artist ‘ at Sculptors Qld late November. Only missing is the lovely Jan who took the photo.

' Finding the Inner Artist ' workshop group

November workshop group at Sculptors Qld